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Often, when we mention the AWLC to people native to Lima, their faces light up and they launch into stories about photocopied or hand-me-down versions of their mother's 1954 AWLC cookbook, or their worn out 1960s or 80s version, or mention a favorite recipe from later editions. Recently-arrived expats often exclaim about how the cookbook tips have helped them shop in Lima and navigate unfamiliar foods.


Each edition has gone through several printings, with each version full of recipes that have become favorites. But the frosting on the cake through all these years has been the fact that the proceeds from cookbook sales have always gone to support the cause of education in Peru.

The AWLC Cookbook has been in print since at least 1954.  The current, 4th edition (2009) is a huge collection of delicious recipes in English and Spanish that makes cooking in Peru simple and easy, featuring local ingredients and metric conversions. 

The diversity of AWLC members is reflected in the many international recipes included, right alongside Peruvian staples and superstar dishes.  Practical information on native Peruvian fruits and herbs makes this an essential part of your Peruvian kitchen.


Classic cook books are now available for a S/50.00 donation, or a special promotional deal of 3 cookbooks for a S/120 donation.  If you are interested, please check our Purchase Instructions.

If you prefer, you may purchase a Super Saver "Combo Pak" consisting of 1 Classic Cookbook + 1 Fresh Flavors Award-Winning Cookbook for S/80. 

Fresh Flavors! - Anniversary Edition

Now available in digital version!

In addition to the 2009 edition of our classic AWLC Bilingual cookbook, the AWLC celebrated its 90th Anniversary with the publication of a special supplementary edition, "Fresh Flavors". 

The proceeds of both books continue to support various AWLC education projects as well as a scholarship program for future teachers at the Instituto Pedagogico. Every book that goes home with a new owner offers a double blessing: a great resource for the cook, and a great support for education in Peru.   

"FRESH FLAVORS!" is a stunning cookbook of 20 favorite recipes and a handful of new ones in Spanish and English, updated and beautifully photographed by our own celebrity "Chef Kim" Allen-Jones.  

By adding some tasty, new twists she modernizes the look of the most popular recipes in the hugely popular AWLC Cookbook, while maintaining the original great flavors the community has come to love.  As with other AWLC traditional bilingual cookbooks, proceeds go to support educational projects in Peru.

We are very excited as "Fresh Flavors" won the 2013 Gourmand World Cookbook Awards, in the fund-raising category.


Fresh Flavor award-winning books are now available for a S/40.00 donation, or a special promotional deal of 3 books for a S/100 donation.  Please check our Purchase Instructions if you are interested in taking advantage of this great deal.

If you prefer the digital version, you may now purchase the Fresh Flavors ebook from Amazon.


  • A sampling through the years
    A sampling through the years
  • An early favorite
    An early favorite
  • One of the 50s Classics
    One of the 50s Classics
  • well used and well loved
    well used and well loved
  • This was a staple into the 80s
    This was a staple into the 80s
  • Favorite Peruvian Dishes
    Favorite Peruvian Dishes
  • The millenium book
    The millenium book
A sampling through the years
A sampling through the years

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