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From a Homey Musical Night to an Elegant Fundraiser

The talents of its members have shaped the activities of the AWLC, inspiring projects in various forums - literary, floral, cultural and culinary to name a few. 

Every year, as we celebrate our annual Noche de Musica y Arte, we are grateful to the women who helped create this series of magical evenings in which music reigns, in the service of education. Since the earliest years of the AWLC, sharing music had been an integral part of the Club progams and activities, but in 1996 the seed was planted for what would become today the AWLC's signature income-generating event for education. To raise money for the Club's scholarship fund, members invited friends and family to a homey "Café Concert" at Chase Hall accompanied by cookies and coffee.

A few years later, the organizers decided to repeat the fun, but this time they began to talk about bigger possibilities. Miriam Martinez, Ruth Morales, and Susan de la Torre Bueno dubbed it the "Noche de Música" and recruited Club member and talented flutist Rebecca Reiss. Rebecca and guitarist, Oscar Zamora, wowed the audience and inspired the organizers to think even bigger. For the next concert, Miriam approached Susan Struble, the US Ambassador's wife and the AWLC's Honorary President, who generously offered the Residence for the event. Miriam, Ruth and Susan created a memorable night featuring Lima's young Suzuki violin orchestra followed by the Trio Amadeus. The Strubles continued to share their home for the next two years.

When Ambassador Michael McKinley arrived, he and his wife, Fatima, graciously continued to host the event at the Residence. Nelly Tratner organized the next event and was soon working with Marina Hirschfield to bring additional musicians of renown. Laszlo Benedek and The Trio Amadeus were featured along with Maestro Pablo Sabat and groups such as the Conjunto de Musica Antigua PUCP and the Chamber Ensemble of the Orquestra Ciudad de los Reyes. In 2011, Marina and Doris Palma arranged for Maestro Juan Jose Chuquisengo's masterful performance at the Residence, this time warmed by new Ambassador Rose Likins' enthusiasatic hospitality. In 2012 Dianne Reategui, Patsy Salazar and Monica Peña organized a recital with a rising star, pianist Patricia Ramirez-Gaston.

Each year, the event has attracted an increasing number of guests who are eager to support the Club's education projects while sharing an elegant evening of good music and good company. The last two years sold out almost two weeks before the concert. Thanks to these successes, we built a classroom for a school in Chorillos, funded educational supplies for HUMTEC, assisted Enseña Peru, and provided financial support for teachers at the Instituto Pedagogico, where we have been helping for several decades.

In the past few years, we've added an Art Sale to the Noche de Música, thus our new name "Noche de Música y Arte".  The artwork is curated by an AWLC members and supported by volunteers.  We are very proud of this initiative as it allows us to promote artists while raising additional funds to support our Scholarship Fund.  

Let us all salute our gifted musicians, our talented organizers, and the hard working music teachers¡