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Artist Talk

Cultural Association Centro Selva Art and Science and The American Women's Literary Club of Peru were pleased to present ARTIST TALK in Lima, at the ICPNA, on Monday, August 17th.

Artists selected from around the world to be part of an "Artist in Residenceā€ experience in the central Amazon region of Pucallpa, at the Centro Selva, presented their artwork, inspiration and experiences after being submerged in the culture of the central Amazon region, for twenty days.

This year, participating artists came from Turkey, Ireland, Canada, Colombia and The United States.  They were joined by Peruvian artists who were coordinators and invited guests. The ARTIST TALK presentation was in English and enjoyed by all who attended.

Centro Selva and the AWLC are grateful to everyone at the ICPNA for their gracious hospitality throughout the evening and during the cocktail that followed. And many, many thanks to Nilma Dole-Williams for the baking the delicious treats for the event!

Participating artists:

Nicholas Fairbank, Canada; Indira Vanelli, USA; Erika Liv Ray, USA; Chandler Wigton, USA; Anitra Michelle, USA; Nurten Yuksel, Turjkey; John Jader Bedoya Munera, Colombia; Maisie McNeice, Ireland; invited artist Henry Ortiz, Peru.  Click on the link for more information about the artists.