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An Evening with Hugh Thomson 

We were pleased to have been able to share such a special evening in a such a splendid setting! 

Not only were we treated to cocktails and candle-lit gardens at the British Ambassador's Residence before our special presentation of "Beyond Machu Picchu" by Hugh Thomson, but we also had the added good fortune that two of Hugh's expedition companions and fellow Andean experts were able to join us as well!  Those who have read the book Cochineal Red (also published as A Sacred Landscape) will recall the intrepid Gary Ziegler and Nicholas Asheshov.


Dr. Gary Zeigler, renowned Inca expert, archeologist, Andean explorer, and Pre-Colombian historian, happend to be in Cuzco filming last week and was able to join us on his way back to Colorado, where he combines adventure, research and exploration through his company Adventure Specialists.  


Nicholas Asheshov is a legendary journalist, explorer and entreprenuer. You can visit his website  to learn  more about this "former Fleet Street journalist" who lives in "an old adobe railway station in a riverside wood at 9,600 ft above sea level, half-way between Cuzco and Machu Picchu beneath the glaciers and snow peaks of the Cordillera Urubamba".


We would like you to have a souvenir of the evening's tribute to adventure and exploration: some fun verses submitted for our Literary Challenge, and the Name the Mule Contest results. Our congratulations to Julia Hawley for her winning suggestion of the name "Justin Case", a terrific monicker for the 26th mule on the Llactapata expedition (the one with the important extra supplies) that we recreated for the evening.


For those who were unable to go, we hope this gives you a little taste of the fun that accompanied the fascinating historical and archaeological information.  


Thank you to all our guests for helping to make it a memorable evening with a lively round of questions from the audience and your creative contributions to our literary challenge!  Visit Hugh's website, where you can keep exploring - beyond Machu Picchu, and beyond Llactapata!