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Lima Women´s Chorale:  50th Anniversary Concert

Congratulations to the Lima Women's Chorale for the beautiful 50th Anniversary Concert at Club de Regatas Lima.

The group was awarded a Certificate of Recognition for organizing the spectacular 50th Anniversary Concert and promoting the enjoyment of chorale music.


The ALWC thanks everyone for their overwhelming support and attendance at the June concert.

A Brief History

Music has alwas been part of the AWLC. In the early decades, each meeting offered a special talk–-sometimes two or three–-and usually a musical presentation, which was organized by the Music Committee.  In 1928, the entire year was dedicated to the study of composers of “the lyric and dramatic or romantic period” along with biography, travel and current events.

Additional subgroups, called "sections" appear in the yearbooks in 1939, one of which was the AWLC Glee Club, which provided special programs that year for the June, July and October meetings under the direction of honorary member Lady Forbes, wife of Sir V. Courtney Forbes. 

The Music Committee would meet each week at a member’s home, and the Glee Club would meet an hour earlier for practice. Throughout the 1940s and 50s they offered a musical selection for some of the AWLC meetings, a full concert once a year at a Club meeting, as well as occasional concerts in other venues, such as the Lima High School Auditorium. 

By 1963, the Glee Club had grown tremendously and had begun to attract many non-members. The group decided to become independent under the name of “Lima Women’s Chorale” and has been singing together for the last 50 years¡

Its first Director was Maxine Wight, who was succeeded in 1964 by Mrs. Jean Tarnawiecki, until 1968. The Chorale has been very lucky to work with and enjoy the varied talents of its various directors, including Fernando Valcarcel, who went on to become the director of the National Symphony Orchestra. 

The Chorale’s present Director, Roberta Centurion, a former music teacher at Colegio Roosevelt, is presently active in the Suzuki teaching program in Peru and is Director of the Union Church Choir.  Many of our directors have been members of the Club and there has never been a year when several members of the Club have not participated in the Chorale.

During its history, the group has always included classical music in their concerts as well as favorites from well-known musicals.  It has sung with the Yale Men’s Choir, in the Teatro Municipal and in the US Embassy for the Bicentennial in 1976. 

Even though membership is transient, the Chorale maintains an average of 20-25 members throughout the years.