AWLC - The American Women's Literary Club 

learn, care, share  


Our Social Services Committee is hard at work finding ways to support other institutions through donations raised from our fund-raising events and cookbooks.  


Students in Pucallpa reaffirm their commitment to their studies and take the values of the AWLC into their Olympics with team shirts donated by AWLC members. Adding to the contributions, several club members responded to a request from the teachers to help keep the students engaged and motivated while they deal with delays caused by local political disruptions. The teachers decided to include the AWLC club motto "Learn, Care, Share" on their uniforms. Three great words wherever you go! 


The AWLC's donation of a multimedia projector has allowed CELES to increase the impact of workshops and presentations for 530 children and their parents. In recent months the children have attended presentations on Germany, Brazil, and Slovakia, each one prepared by volunteers who taught students about their countries of origin. 

They have also had workshops on Prevention of Alcohol Abuse and Drug Use, Dealing with Love and Infatuation, and Oral Hygiene among others. Parents have also had several very important workshops on Parenting, Managing Emotions, and Healthy Habits and Nutrition. 


This June, a group of AWLC members, led by our VicePresident, did a wonderful deed.  They collected and donated 23 bags of diapers for the children at Dr. Tony's in Chaclacayo.  Thank you all for your support.


With the help of AWLC volunteers we started our Teaching English project and have gotten very creative in the process!.  We recently had a fashion show where 4th year college students had to present the models and outfits.  The objective is to promote conversations in English with 4th year students who begin teaching English next year.  We help them strengthen their English communication, to increase their fluency and vocabulary.  The girls have a very good level of English and participate with interest and an obvious desire to take advantage of the opportunity to speak informally in English.  If you are an AWLC member interested in helping out, please write us.


The project consists of periodically organizing a traditional party to celebrate the birthdays of children who reside at an orphanage in Lurin that is affectionately known as Father Joe’s.  

With the assistance of Boy Scout Lima Troup 5 and toys donated by AWLC members, the March birthday party became a reality and a huge success!  There was cake and there were presents, and then a wonderful couple of hours of field games put on by the boys of whom we were so proud for their sporstmanship.  

They brought an element of fun that was magical, and impossible to anticipate or organize. We even had cotton candy! Between the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts, we hope to keep the birthday parties going!”


Teachers in this bilingual school, just outside of Pucallpa, that serves 85 Shipibo students,  requested funds to improve their students’ quality of life and encourage the practice of sports to integrate better into the larger monolingual (Spanish) community. 

We provided supplies requested which included volleyballs, soccer balls, cones, nets and shirts which will include the AWLC motto "Learn, Care, Share" in three languages:  English, Spanish and Shipibo!  The teachers had a special meeting with the community to present the sports equipment and share their team shirts.

Students are thrilled to be able to participate in the teams, which adds to their motivation to keep up with their academic work, which is a pre-requisite.  If you would like to add your personal contribution to help, please write us.



The CELES after-school program serves about 450-600 children and adolescents in beautiful facilities funded by donors from Canada.

It is an after-school & day care center for kids between 2 months and 17-18 years of age, located in the heart of Manchay, between La Molina and Cieneguilla. Parents go to work knowing that their children are being stimulated with activities including reading/writing, Montessori methods, art, sports, help with homework, and much, much more.

Our donation went to provide CELES with special flooring mats to maximize the use of several spaces for educational activities and recreation.


AWLC provided a donation to help support "Vibrations IV – The International Festival of Vibraphone and Marimba" which provided Master classes for students from all over Peru to study with internationally recognized teachers and performers. 

The festival filled the Miraflores IPCNA auditorium with concerts and classes from February 3–8, 2014 and brought internationally-respected artists from the USA, Holland, Brazil, Argentina and Puerto Rico.