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Supporting Education since 1922

AWLC's Social Services committee is continuously looking for ways to raise funds to support education in Peru.  Our main fund-raising event,  Noche de Musica, and proceeds from our cookbooks help fund these initiatives.  We are fortunate to have created relationships with a number of partners that help us promote education and culture in Peru.

Our Partners 

We have a long-standing partnership of over thirty years, with the Instituto Pedagogico Nacional Monterrico.  Our annual Noche de Música provides the fundraising which allows us to sponsor annual scholarships for students from provinces who would otherwise be unable to continue their teaching studies.   

The two biggest projects of the Social Services Committee in 2015 will be with the Instituto Pedagogico Nacional de Monterrico and with Enseña Peru. Plans are underway to expand the type of support we can offer the IPNM. We are partnering with San Silvestre to develop a program that will use volunteers to enhance the Instituto’s English program. 

The Instituto is considered one of the top 5 universities in Peru and is the only public school of education in Lima.  It is, therefore, the only place where students on very limited budgets can prepare to be teachers.  Our collaboration is vital as donations help fund student scholarships, student lunches or medicines, making their education possible.

Since the selection process is done so carefully, the students who enter are the most capable.  The transformation that takes place in the five years that students spend at the Instituto is amazing and wonderful.  

We are proud to continue to support the wonderful work being done by the IPN as the educational benefits multiply when the teachers go out into the schools to teach.  

Our next projects include: 1)  Participation in the BBVA "Read to Get Ahead" program so that teachers from the IPN can be part of the training program and receive materials; 2) Starting AWLC reading and comprehension support with groups of students preparing to become English teachers; and, 3) Showing of "Girl Rising" Documentary for IPN students.

In 2011, the “BBVA Leer es Estar Adelante” (Read to Get Ahead), reading comprehension program, was launched in Peru. The donated funds are used to boost the number of Peruvian school children taking part in the “Leer es Estar Adelante” program, which aims to improve the reading ability of Peruvian children in grades third through sixth.

We are very excited about our growing partnership with Fundacion BBVA Continental whose support is key in our primary fundraiser, our annual Noche de Música.  We look forward to continue work together and support their outstanding "Leer es Adelante" reading comprehension program, a tailor-made effort for different provinces in Peru.

The AWLC Social Service and Education Committee has been looking into ways to collaborate with other organizations working to promote literacy and education. While impressed by the many worthy organizations that are active in Peru, EnseñaPeru, whose work is based on the Teach America Model, stood out for many reasons, among which was the range of possibilities for collaborating in the area of teaching English.  

AWLC partners with EnseñaPeru for our annual English Challenge, which promotes our goal to improve literacy in Peru.  We will continue to work  with Enseña Peru to expand our annual English Challenge contest to 2 or 3 additional schools, so we are eager to recruit more AWLC volunteers to make that happen. 

With Enseña Peru now in its 7th year, we are proud to continue partnering with this group of visionaries who are spearheading the movement to make quality education available to all Peru’s citizens. Enseña Peru alumni have increasing presence in many organizations, including 17 alumni now working in the Ministry of Education – from regional offices to curriculum development and teacher training. As we continue to explore ways to work together, we are pleased to be partnering with this amazing group of people.  We invite you to read a summary of their work and an article in Living in Peru.

If you believe in the power of education, EnseñaPerú can bring quality education to needy children in Julcan, Peru, with your donations.  Please visit their website

The AWLC shares many common educational, cultural and intellectual interests with the Instituto Cultural Peruano Norteamericano (ICPNA), with whom we've developed a close relationship throughout the years.

Beginning August 2016, the ICPNA has set aside a special place in their comprehensive Miraflores library to house the "AWLC Collection," books in English donated by the AWLC.  

AWLC members now have access to the complete collection of books and online resources at ICPNA libraries.  We are very proud of this alliance which will continue to grow in the future as we explore ways to support the common causes we support.

Radio Filarmonia is the absolute media leader on classical music in Peru.  They have actively supported our Noche de Musica and other events in the past ten years and we are proud to have them as partners.   

To honor the celebration of our 90th Anniversary in 2012, Daniel Roca Alcazar, musicologist, ex Ministro de Estado and member of the Peruvian Diplomatic Service, created and presented a special program  for Radio Filarmonia, la Casa de la Radio.  

The show, aired in the program Palco Real, Radio Filarmonia, on 102.70 FM, was first presented and recorded before a live audience of AWLC members in August.  The program was dedicated to the four major internationally renowned Peruvian tenors Alejandro Granda, Luis Alva, Ernesto Palacio and Juan Diego Flórez.