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Philanthropy and Community Service


Philanthropy isn't just about big gifts; it's about participation. 

It is about the grace that comes from working together.  

-Marc Benioff


We support education and literacy primarily through partnerships with Peruvian organizations. 

One of our priorities is "to give to those who teach others,"  and for thirty years, we have been helping make it possible for students to become teachers at the Instituto Pedagogico Nacional de Monterrico, a permanent beneficiary of our efforts.  

While we have supported various organizations in the past, we began a new partnership with EnseñaPeru in order to maximize the impact of our contribution to improving the quality of education in Peru. 

Our primary fundraising event is our Annual "Noche de Musica", which finances our philanthropic work along with the proceeds from our bilingual Cookbook. 

Whenever the AWLC has funds available for additional charitable donations, it will consider requests for support of education-related projects. AWLC members may nominate qualified organizations to be considered by the Social Services Committee, which will present its recommendation to the Board, for approval. 

Only organizations futhering education or literacy will be considered for AWLC funding, with the condition that AWLC receive a timely report at the end of the project with: an account of how the funds were used, who were the recipients, and how they benefited.

Applications should be mailed to  "AWLC Lima" at, marked 'Attention: AWLC Social Services Committee'


2016 Additional Recipients

On occasion, and depending on funds gathered from our fund-raising events, we have been able to support other projects and organizations aside from the Instituto Pedagogico Nacional de Monterrico. The following organizations benefited from small grants in 2016:

DB Peru:  Scholarships to support a year of studies for health workers in the Iquitos area.

Mensajeros de la Paz:  Support for their comprehensive student support services.

Manchay Parish Education Center:  Funds to help equip their learning center.

Celes Education Program, Manchay: Funding for projector for education center.

Centro Selva:  Funds for travel, food and lodging for teachers to provide art workshops and training in Pucallpa.

Past Recipients

  • "Vibrations – The International Festival of Vibraphone and Marimba": Master classes for Peruvian students.
  • Cuna Jardin "El Milagro", Chorrillos:  Funded new classrooms and scholarships for needy children.
  • La Alegría en el Señor, La Molina: Scholarships for children with physical disabilities.
  • Colegio Maria Alvarado Lima High School:  Scholarships
  • HUMTEC Comas (Centro Educativo Privado "Humanismo y Tecnología): Support for students and educational supplies.
  • Eseña Perú: Materials, support and consultation for the training of high-quality college graduates, placed in urban and rural schools, as they become leaders who can impact the future of education.